TIAGo OMNI ++ is the newest addition to the TIAGo mobile manipulation family, with omnidirectional drive with 3 DoF mecanum wheels. These bring the robot 360 degrees of movement and more flexibility than ever. TIAGo OMNI ++ is a bi-manual platform that comes with interchangeable end effectors, 360 LiDAR and a screen. The aim was to create a platform that is easily configurable and able to address any robotic research needs.

The screen on the torso is designed to aid Human-robot (HRI) research even further. The robot has two 7 DoF mobile manipulator arms for manipulation tasks, and a number of end effector options, including a humanoid hand or various types of grippers – these are, for now, PAL Robotics 5-fingered Hand, PAL Robotics Parallel Gripper, Robotiq Grippers 2F-140 and 2F-85, and Robotiq EPick Vacuum Gripper. Read more about these grippers here. Researchers can even integrate their end effectors of choice. TIAGo OMNI++ is also compatible with a range of accessories to enhance the robot capabilities further and enable you to improve your work on mobile manipulation.

Omnidirectional drive robots vs Differential drive robots

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TIAGO Base: two different drives An omnidirectional robot is able to drive in any direction due to its omnidirectional wheels, as the omnidrive enables the robot to change direction instantly without having to turn the wheels. Omnidrive robots were created

TIAGo OMNI++: the launch of the bi-manual omnidirectional robot

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TIAGo OMNI++ is launched The newest addition to the TIAGo mobile manipulation family is here! At PAL Robotics we have launched a newcomer to the TIAGo family of robots, TIAGo OMNI++, the omnidirectional drive robot for mobile manipulation. The omnidirectional

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