Robotics competition

Robotics competition are events where the abilities and characteristics of robots may be tested and assessed. Usually they have to beat other robots in order to become the best one. Many competitions are for schools but several competitions with professional and hobbyist participants are also arising.

Robotics competitions have been organized since the 1970s and 1980s. In 1979 a Micromouse competition was organized by the IEEE as shown in the Spectrum magazine.

Although it is hard to pinpoint the first robotic competition, two events are well known nowadays for their longevity: the All Japan Sumo in Japan, and the Trinity College International Fire Fighting Robot Contest.

Two currently high-profile events are Robocup and Robo One. Companies like Lego and VEX have also developed branded events, which they call leagues, although they function more like individual cups in regional qualifiers with finals.

There is some controversy whether university-specific challenges should be considered competitions or workshops. The general trend is to open competitions to the public, to prevent nepotism and improve the quality of the competing robots.

Some organizations have tried to standardize robotics competition through the introduction of full-fledged leagues with a standard calendar, but the model has worked only in some countries, such as Spain, where the National League was founded in 2008 and still functioning.


Cyberselves uses PAL Robotics’ TIAGo robot teleoperation for virtual hugs

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PAL Robotics and Cyberselves  Cyberselves, a UK robotics software company, has recently achieved major recognition for their initiative using robot teleoperation for ‘virtual hugs’, including PAL Robotics’ TIAGo.   Cyberselves has

IROS 2021 Conference: social HRI, impact-aware robotics & more

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PAL Robotics at IROS 2021 Conference We were delighted to play an active role in the IROS 2021 Conference - the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots Systems. The annual

PAL Robotics employees win first place in the NASA Space Robotics Challenge

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PAL Robotics' team triumphs in NASA Space Robotics Challenge A group of PAL Robotics employees that formed the Olympus Mons team recently won first place in the NASA Space Robotics

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PAL Robotics at AIRLab Stacking Challenge Robotics in retail has multiple aims, one of which is to help free up workers from tasks that are dull and monotonous, to be

Homer Team awarded 1st place in RoboCup@Home robotics competition working with robot TIAGo

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The importance of competitions for students and taking part in virtual challenges Congratulations to the Homer Team from the University of Koblenz who were awarded the 1st prize at the

Robotics Competition: Demonstrate your skills at the Mobile Manipulation Hackathon at IROS 2021

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About IROS (IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) At PAL Robotics we strongly believe in robotics competitions, and in recent years have taken part in and supported a

The European Robotics League is coming to Barcelona!

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European Robotics League (ERL) in Barcelona Robots from all over Europe will descend on Barcelona for the European Robotics League’s Local Tournament, 20 - 24 November. It’s the first time

Five minutes with NASA Space Robotics Challenge finalists, Team Olympus Mons

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PAL Robotics and the NASA In a galaxy far, far away (PAL Robotics’ office), a team of engineers have been dealing with the aftermath of a dust storm on Mars.

Door Opening with REEM

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Hi, this is José Rodríguez, a master’s graduate from the UPC and support member of Reem@IRI team!. In this blog I will briefly explain the project I developed for my

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