AMR is a type of robot that can understand and move through its environment independently. AMR differ from their predecessors, autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), which rely on tracks or predefined paths and often require operator oversight.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) like TIAGo Base uses a sophisticated set of sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and compute for path planning to interpret and navigate through their environment, untethered from wired power. Because AMRs are equipped with cameras and sensors, if they experience an unexpected obstacle while navigating their environments, such as a fallen box or a crowd of people, they will use a navigation technique like collision avoidance to slow, stop, or reroute their path around the object and then continue with their task.


Stock-taking Robots: How automation in retail increases customers loyalty

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A snapshot of today’s retail challenges Robotic automation in the industry of retail, with technologies such as stock-taking robots, is growing rapidly, proving its potential to solve some of the problems and challenges the industry is currently facing. Given the

StockBot, the inventory robot at Decathlon Singapore!

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The advantages of having StockBot controlling inventory StockBot keeps expanding its presence and helping retailers control stock; now we can also find our inventory robot at Decathlon Singapore Labs store. StockBot automates stock count in retail stores and warehouses, generating a

Advanced Factories 2019: Autonomous mobile robots for logistics and stock control

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TIAGo Base autonomous mobile robots for logistics Start automating your industrial facility today with autonomous mobile robots! PAL Robotics will be at Advanced Factories (AF2019, 9-11th April, CCIB Barcelona), one of the main fairs in industrial automation and robotics, with

ERF2019: Humanoids state-of-the-art, Autonomous Mobile Robots, and TIAGo robot teleoperated

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The rise of autonomous mobile robots for logistics at ERF2019 The European Robotics Forum (ERF2019), one of the most influential events in robotics, was a success again on its 10th edition! PAL Robotics could show how service robots can help

ERF2019: Roboticists in Europe, to come together in Bucharest!

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Driving the transformation of industry and logistics with robots Meet us at the European Robotics Forum (ERF2019)! Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is getting ready to host the European robotics flagship forum from the 20th to the 22nd of March. As

MWC 4YFN: Robotics, AI and Connectivity, the perfect mix

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Robots to help us: from autonomous bases to humanoids The future of mobile and connectivity landed in Barcelona this week with the Mobile World Congress and the 4YFN! The MWC Four Years From Now (4YFN) explores the trends that shape

Using the Whole Body Control online planner with TIAGo robot

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Making programmers’ life (much, much) easier Whole Body Control concept (based on the research done by N. Mansard, O. Stasse, P. Evrard, and A. Kheddar) when coding robot applications. We are sure Whole Body Control is the future: robots with

TIAGo robot ROS Tutorial 4: OpenCV

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What is OpenCV? Eager to program robotics applications? TIAGo robot's simulation is open source and is available online: even if you don’t have the platform physically, you can work with it! The simulation is perfect for enhancing your coding abilities and

Stock-Taking Robots for a smart Inventory Management

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How StockBot puts stock under control: a win-win for everyone As 2019 begins, new retail trends make it to the retailers’ ears, and robotics in retail is surely the one with the clearest applications that can be implemented right away. Robotics in

StockBot will be at NRF Retail’s Big Show with Impinj (New York)

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StockBot will be at the NRF Retail’s Big Show with our partner Impinj (stand nº 3465), the industry leader in RAIN RFID manufacturing, which is one of the technologies integrated into StockBot. NRF Retail’s Big Show will take place at New

Call for TIAGo loan for the 1st SciRoc Challenge

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The SciRoc Challenge: robots assisting in Smart Cities PAL Robotics is opening a Call for loan of 6 TIAGo Steel and 4 TIAGo Iron robots to teams who want to participate in the 1st ERL SciRoc Challenge. As SciRoc Platinum

World Robot Summit with TIAGo robot: from cleaning toilets to interacting with customers

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World Robot Summit - Toilet Cleaning Task TIAGo robot keeps increasing its multitasking skills more and more! This time, Team Homer (University of Koblenz-Landau) participated in the World Robot Summit Future Convenience Store Challenge in Japan with a TIAGo. The

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