PAL Robotics is excited to announce a new TIAGo with two arms, the bi-manual robot TIAGo++! After carefully listening to the robotics community needs, we used TIAGo’s modularity to integrate two 7-DoF arms to our mobile manipulator. TIAGo++ can help you swiftly accomplish your research goals, opening endless possibilities in mobile manipulation.

TIAGo++ can now combine a skilled pair of 7-DoF arms to perform coordinated dual-arm actions. The bi-manual robot continues being completely ROS based, fully customizable and expandable with extra sensors and devices, and robust, just as TIAGo is. So if you search for the most suitable platform for your research, now you have another unique and ambidextrous option within the TIAGo family!


Even more options to build your own TIAGo!

TIAGo++ can integrate a touchscreen on its torso in combination with its two arms. This bi-manual robot TIAGo configuration makes it easier to create robotics applications that use a touchscreen for HRI and require bi-manipulation, AI, mobility, and perception at the same time. Tactile displays greatly help in human environments, such as assisted living, Industry 4.0 or face-to-face services.

One TIAGo robot, endless customizations

These options are added to an extensive catalog of extras available for TIAGo robot, both in hardware and software. Check here a few examples:


  • Whole-Body Control: this software makes programmer’s work immensely easier when developing high-level tasks online, saving tons of time and effort. How does it work? What are its main advantages? You can find these answers and practical applications in this blog post!
  • Artificial Intelligence Kit (NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2): Machine learning developments in robotics require enough computing power. This AI kit is extremely convenient for embodying Artificial Intelligence algorithms, without depending on any network connection to take it over. Two examples that use the AI kit:

And there’s much more than that: TIAGo’s hardware options include many sensors and end-effectors, as well as an expansion panel to easily plug more devices and add-ons. TIAGo software has out-of-the-box extras available like navigation upgrades, human-robot interaction skills or teleoperation applications, besides Whole-Body Control.

You still haven’t found the perfect configuration of TIAGo for you? Then contact us and we can help you build your own TIAGo or expand your current TIAGo!

TIAGo speaks your language: online ROS tutorials for TIAGo robot!

Ros_bi-manual-robot-operating-systemRemember that TIAGo robot is fully ROS-based, and its simulation is open-source and available online. What’s more, you can even find ROS tutorials on TIAGo’s ROS Wiki. Follow these steps and start improving your programming skills today with TIAGo robot!