AMR is a type of robot that can understand and move through its environment independently. AMR differ from their predecessors, autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), which rely on tracks or predefined paths and often require operator oversight.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) like TIAGo Base uses a sophisticated set of sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and compute for path planning to interpret and navigate through their environment, untethered from wired power. Because AMRs are equipped with cameras and sensors, if they experience an unexpected obstacle while navigating their environments, such as a fallen box or a crowd of people, they will use a navigation technique like collision avoidance to slow, stop, or reroute their path around the object and then continue with their task.


ERF 2018: the Robotics community at the Finnish Winter Wonderland!

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A winter European Robotics Forum 2019 (ERF) in Finland Snowy privileged landscapes surrounded this year’s European Robotics Forum (ERF) celebrated in Finland. The European robotics community was brought together in the city of Tampere to take part in this must-attend

EuroCIS: The revolution in retail comes with autonomous stock-taking robots

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What can StockBot do for your store? High technological innovations help retailers stay competitive in nowadays market. The EuroCIS Fair brings together the newest developments in tech for retailers and gathers over 10,000 visitors next week in Düsseldorf (Germany).

TIAGo spotted at the Joint UAE Symposium on Social Robotics!

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A Social Robotics Symposium Robots can become the best companions for humans. Our life quality can extraordinarily improve in all aspects of our daily routine, and reshape how we manage (and enjoy) our time. For that to happen, we need

ERL Edinburgh and León Tournaments: last chance for teams to score!

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ERL in Scotland The European Robotics League (ERL) Season is about to finish! Two Service Robotics tournaments were the last opportunity for teams to improve their positions in the global classification, which will be announced in the European Robotics Forum. Lots

Unprecedented stock control by merging RFID and vision into StockBot

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Innovation in stock-control and inventory-tracking: RFID and vision combine in StockBot They say knowledge is power, and retail industry is no exception to this. Inventory control is at the heart of any business that deals with stocking. Frequently learning what

TIAGo ROS Tutorial 3 – MoveIt!

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What is MoveIt! There’s no need to have a robot to start developing applications for it! TIAGo, as all our robots, has the ROS simulation available for free and open to anyone willing to improve your code skills or even

INBOTS: Building bridges between robots, businesses and society

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Project INBOTS: embracing robotics in everyday life As robots’ skills are amazingly skyrocketing at the technical level, our imagination flies envisioning their vast potential to assist us in our everyday life. But technical breakthroughs cannot walk alone. A favourable ecosystem is

A rewarding European Robotics League tournament, at PAL Robotics

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ERL: An enriching experience that boosts research Five teams from different European universities competed in Barcelona in a thrilling European Robotics League Tournament hosted by PAL Robotics! In this Service Robots’ category contest, robots had to prove themselves useful helping an

Celebrating a remarkable European Robotics Week!

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The European Robotics League at PAL Robotics! The European robotics community celebrated its Robotics Week (ERW) from 17th to 26th of November with more than 950 events all around the territory. This year, the house of all the regions, the

Co4Robots: diverse robots, united as one team

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Co4Robots: many robots, one team Over the last years, the robotics market has been filled with many new models of robots. This tendency leads us to imagine the future with multiple robots helping us around and performing a rich variety

ROSCon & IROS 2017: Towards a human-friendly robots horizon

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IROS 2017 for a better horizon “Friendly people, friendly robots”. This is the theme of IROS 2017, held in Vancouver next week, considering that many stakeholders - PAL Robotics included - foresee a future with robots all around us, enhancing

The intern guide to SLAM part II: loop closure & new framework

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Next up in our SLAM series is intern Tessa Pannen, who is studying a Computational Engineering Science MA at the Technische Universität Berlin. As she’s coming to the end of her six month internship, we quizzed Tessa about the successes

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