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New ROS tutorials to simulate with TIAGo easily!

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Discover how to use TIAGo robot with a simulator Would you like to try to command a robot? Do you have in mind robotics applications but don’t have a robot?

ROS simulation available for PMB-2 – TIAGo’s mobile base

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Follow the steps in the ROS wiki and start simulating with the mobile base! The ROS simulation of PAL Robotics mobile base, named PMB-2, is available now and ready to download! You will find

Unplug and play with REEM-C humanoid robot!

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What would you expect from a biped humanoid robot? PAL Robotics, the creators of REEM-A, REEM-B and REEM are proud to introduce you to REEM-C humanoid robot. Meet the newest

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