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Unplug and play with REEM-C humanoid robot!

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What would you expect from a biped humanoid robot? PAL Robotics, the creators of REEM-A, REEM-B and REEM are proud to introduce you to REEM-C humanoid robot. Meet the newest 100% ROS based, with 3h walking autonomy, human size (1.65m,

New book about ROS!

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The new book about the ROS software Aaron Martínez and Enrique Fernández, a new member of the Navigation team in PAL Robotics, have written a book about ROS. This is one of the few books about ROS in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

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QUESTION ANSWER What does PAL Robotics do? PAL Robotics is a young and dynamic company, consisting mostly of engineers, that originally was created as a Research & Development company of humanoid robots. This Spanish company based in Barcelona is now

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