We are proud to announce the release of two software packages under open licenses. On the one hand, we are making available the virtual model of our humanoid service robot REEM, so you can test your algorithms on REEM, in the context of a simulated environment. On the other hand, we are making available a motion retargeting package that allows to perform unilateral teleoperation of REEM from live motion capture data. The latter was developed by our intern Marcus Liebhardt, in the context of his M.Sc. diploma.

Our work is built on top of existing open-source robotics projects, such as ROS and Orocos. These projects have helped us a great deal and we are grateful to them. It is our desire to contribute back to the community and continue to be an active part of it in the future.

For more information, please visit our page for Ari, the successor of Reem.

Further developments of these packages are already in preparation, so stay tuned for more!