This year the Humanoids Conference took place in Bled-Slovenia from October 26-28! REEM could not be missed at the event this year! The team of PAL Robotics hosted a Workshop on Humanoid navigation in crowded environments together with the IRI institute of Robotics of the Universitat de Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC). During the workshop, a paper was presented, showing the main challenges humanoid robots have to face in terms of navigation, when moving in environments crowded of people…. For instance, places like shopping malls, exhibition centers, airports, etc. Additionally, PAL Robotics showed a life demonstration of REEM’s navigation abilities. The workshop was a big success!

VIDEO: REEM Humanoids Conference at Bled in Slovenia

During the rest of the conference, REEM introduced itself to the rest of the participants of the event. And showed other capabilities such as handshaking, tele-presence and guidance through the hotel where the conference was hosted. The attendants of the event, mostly people related to the scientific community, were delighted to meet REEM in real life and were amazed with its skills!