Follow the steps in the ROS wiki and start simulating with the mobile base!

The ROS simulation of PAL Robotics mobile base, named PMB-2, is available now and ready to download! You will find all the steps in the ROS wiki.

PMB-2 mobile base is the one used in TIAGo, the mobile manipulator. Now it is also available independently, and shipping for first units is starting in a few months – in October! PMB-2 is 100% ROS based and can be fully customised to adapt to any particular need. It is designed to work in indoor environments leaving just a little footprint, and travels avoiding obstacles thanks to its sensors.

PMB-2 has a maximum speed of 1 m/s and can move around overcoming potholes or bumps of up to 1.5cm. The mobile base can carry anything on top, with a payload of 50 Kg. PMB-2 features our custom suspension system, making it handle larger irregularities of the floor. PMB-2 can expand its abilities putting optional additions in it. For more information about our mobile base, take a look about our TIAGo Base! You can also watch PMB-2 first prototype in action in this video, where there are more features explained.

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