TIAGo using a SCHUNK gripper at Expert Days 2016

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TIAGo robot with SCHUNK gripper (WSG 025). SCHUNK Expert Days 2016 on collaborative robotics, with well-known researchers and robotics companies, was a complete success. It was confirmed that technology is improving greatly towards collaborative robotics, though there’s still work to be done until robots can work in real environments. PAL Robotics will keep on [...]

TIAGo robot at Schunk Expert Days 2016

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Meet TIAGo, the mobile manipulator, at the 9th International Expert Days on Service Robotics (February 24-25, Germany). TIAGo will be using a Schunk gripper (WSG 025) as end-effector. The role of collaborative robots like TIAGo in industrial and service applications is growing rapidly and it is starting to change the production processes. Robots can bring [...]

Empowering your robotics research with TIAGo and The Construct

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The purpose of PAL Robotics’ mobile manipulator TIAGo (standing for ‘Take It And Go’) is to help in robotics research while aiming at becoming a service robot in a near future. That’s why, in order to be accessible to everyone and easy to work with, the platform is open-source and 100% ROS compatible. TIAGo is ideal [...]

PAL Robotics, winners of the AYRI11 Innovation Award with TIAGo, our mobile manipulator

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It is an honour for PAL Robotics to have received the AYRI11 Innovation Award for TIAGo, our mobile manipulator. AYRI11 gathered the latest innovations in industrial robotics at TecnoCampus (Mataró, Spain). The event, held on November 3rd, combined talks with workshops in which PAL Robotics participated showing our mobile manipulator. The speech was given by [...]

Thank you for helping us build robots!

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This video summarizes IROS 2015. The event gathered together all kinds of institutions, universities, companies and people involved in robotics, who saw there the latest advances in the robotic industry, like TIAGo. We were glad to come across with some of the companies that provide us of key parts that make crafting our robots possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldjuJGRZMpM [...]

PAL Robotics at IROS 2015 – Thank you for coming!

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PAL Robotics attended the International Conference of Robots and Intelligent Systems, one of the most renowned conferences on the field. The city of Hamburg became a perfect scenario for sharing knowledge and discovering the latest news on the sector. It gathered together professors, companies, and students who all share the same passion. Many thanks to [...]

Meet our mobile manipulator TIAGo at IROS 2015!

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PAL Robotics is attending the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), and our mobile manipulator TIAGo will be travelling with us there too! If you are attending IROS this year, visit our booth to find out our latest news and talk to our engineers about what we are all passionate about: robotics. PAL [...]

ROS Control talk at the First MoveIt! Community Meeting

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PAL Robotics' engineer, Dr. Adolfo Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian, has given a talk about ROS Control at the first MoveIt! Community Meeting. If you missed the appointment, you're still on time: watch it here! - You can also have a look at the presentation slides entire meeting. https://youtu.be/D5rs9uLrveg?t=24m MoveIt! is an open-source software for robotic mobile manipulation that has been [...]

TIAGo, the best robotic partner for research

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TIAGo is a mobile manipulator that comes ready to serve at any research institution or lab. TIAGo has evolved capabilities on manipulation, navigation, perception and interaction, and can be customized for any particular need of a research. TIAGo’s features make it the ideal robot for research, especially on ambient assisted living or light industry. TIAGo is open source: its software is completely ROS enabled, and its [...]