NeuTouch is a project that aims at improving artificial tactile perception in robots and prostheses, by understanding how to best extract, integrate and exploit tactile information at system level.

Dexterous manipulation is a fundamental skill to improve interaction capabilities of service and industrial robots, and develop prosthetic devices that enable amputees to regain hand functionality, for improving their independence and quality of life and for reintegration in working environments.

The sense of touch is crucial for any skilled manipulation; it is fundamental to establish contact and acquire the information needed for hand/object interactions, and for perceiving variations in the contact itself (slip, vibrations, duration, pressure).

Touch is crucial for robots that physically interact with objects and humans, to sense the properties of objects, learn how to use them, and enable cooperation. Touch is crucial for the successful deployment of prosthetic devices, to evoke a natural sensation of contact that conveys information about the stimulus, making prostheses easier to use and accept.

Research in Simulated Reinforcement Learning Environments & TIAGo robot

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The mobile manipulator TIAGo robot and Project NeuTouch For tasks such as object manipulation in robotics, tactile sensation is important for performance, and Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) also allows robots

ICRA 2021: Robots for healthcare, industry and more plus Kangaroo jumping robot

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PAL Robotics' contribution to ICRA 2021 We were very happy to be able to contribute to this year’s ICRA (The IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation), a robotics event

ERF 2021: European Robotics’ Key Annual Event And Our Highlights

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Official event opening We were delighted to add to the conversation on European robotics at the ERF 2021 virtual event, this year as Diamond Sponsors. The European Robotics Forum (ERF)

Developing a sense of touch in robotics with project NeuTouch

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Artificial tactile perception in robots: why is it important? Robots are advancing all the time, from walking and talking, to seeing and hearing, and having the ability to manipulate objects.

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