PAL Robotics Open Day for the European Robotics Week 2015

On Sunday EU Robotics Week comes to an end, after seven days filled with over 600 events on robotics! We also organized an activity to celebrate the European week of robotics: PAL Robotics open day. We welcomed anyone who wanted to discover what’s behind our passion to our offices. Like last year, on Monday we opened our doors to show where we work and how we design, build and develop our robotic platforms!

Many thanks to everyone who came! Visitors of the PAL Robotics open day – mainly robotics students – could discover how we began and watch some videos of the first humanoid created by PAL team REEM-A, and the historical REEM-B. After that, our CTO explained how our nowadays robots work and their capabilities (REEM, REEM-C, TIAGo, StockBot and PMB-2). People participating walked through our workspace and saw all the robots we have here. During the visit, they could talk with the engineers and mechanics, exchange experiences, and ask for doubts and curiosities.

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The most exciting part came when PAL Robotics’ mobile manipulator, TIAGo, performed some live demonstrations for the occasion. The participants could not only watch it, but also try it themselves and play with TIAGo’s demos. Visitors were surprised by TIAGo’s fast reaction and smooth movement.

A great meeting at PAL Robotics to bring society closer to robots and celebrate the EU Robotics Week. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did sharing our passion!

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