TIAGo Robot inspiring students

They say there are two big moments in every person’s life: when you are born, and when you decide what you were born for. To help students on the key moment of choosing studies, our robot TIAGo travelled to the fair Con Tu Futuro (With Your Future) held by El País in Madrid on December 16th and 17th. The fair aims to bring students closer to different jobs so that they can choose their studies after coming into contact with professionals and real businesses. One of the professional fields they could see on the fair is robotics.

Our robot TIAGo was one of the guests invited to become an inspiration for young people. After an overview of our company, TIAGo’s Product Manager Jordi Pagès introduced our robot to the audience. TIAGo is designed for research involving helping in Ambient Assisted Living and light industry. During the keynote, held in a cinema room, TIAGo’s live demos amazed the public. At the fair, our robot buddy helped on Telefónica’s stand – sponsors of the event – giving brochures to the fair attendees and interacting with young students to let them know about the Telefónica’s STEM Challenge.

Jordi Pagès presenting TIAGO at the Kinepolis Fair in Madrid for a better future for students

STEM Challenge is a competition in which teams of students and a teacher develop an innovative technological project which includes programming and robotics. It is a way of reinforcing the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – STEM – to students in a young age. These four disciplines are constantly shaping our world in the technological age we are now.

Young generations will be living robotics challenges and advances. Robotics field is just launching, and we all know that it will have a great role in the future. There is still a lot of investigation needed in the emergent service robotics industry to make it become a frequent thing in our daily life. From electronics to psychology, professionals on any field will be vital to push robots technology to help people and ease our routine.

Today PAL Robotics works to bring robotics one step further. We hope that some of those students will work in robotics tomorrow!

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