Hello bloggers,

My name is Saeed and I’m a student of Erusmus Mundus Master of Vision and Robotics (Vibot). I heard about the company PAL Robotics at Vibot day held on 15th june 2011. I was really impressed by the contribution PAL Robotics makes to the field of Robotics. This was my motivation to apply for the internship and fortunately I was selected as an intern.

My task was to simulate Range sensors for Gazebo and ROS, which will be made public in next releases of ROS. The staff of PAL Robotics is very friendly and helpfull, they guided me throughout my internship inspite of their busy schedules. All days of my stay at PAL Robotics are worth mentioning, but if I have to choose one day that I liked the most, then that would be “The PAL Robotics Lunch” at the beach of Barcelona.

Working in a friendly environment helps to motivate to reach goals and this is the reason that I successfully completed my task.

I will never find a better opportunity to say thanks to everyone at PAL Robotics for trusting my capabilities and providing me the opportunity to be the part of this hard working company. My internship at PAL has given me confidence and I feel ready to start my third semester of my masters studies.

Thank you very much PAL Robotics!


Saeed Anwar

Master of Vision and Robotics
Heriot Watt University UK, Universtat de Girona, Universtat de Burgundy.