Hi there!

More than 8 months I spent working together with the people and robots at PAL Robotics. During that time I worked on my robot teleoperation project, which also laid the foundations for my master thesis.

In my project I used Microsoft’s Kinect to capture the operator’s motion, which is then mapped onto the robot to yield a similar motion of both. For this teleoperation system I used several existing solutions, such as open-source software like ROS and Orocos. In my work I focused on bringing all necessary parts together and developing the missing pieces. The main missing piece was about how to map the motion between the significantly different kinematic structures of the operator and robot. This mapping is known as “motion retargeting”, what also was the focus of my master thesis.

(Soon you can see a video about my project, here on this blog.)

Working at PAL Robotics was great. I got a lot of help and inspiration from my supervisors and people all over the company. I enjoyed being part of the staff and to contribute to the strong team-work. My friendly colleagues also gave me insights into other fields of robotics, and last but not least, it was really fun working with them!

With finishing my master thesis and my studies, my internship at PAL is over… :( At the end of August I start working for a robotics company in Korea!

Guys, thanks a lot for the great time with you in Barcelona!