Providing manufacturing solutions for industry 4.0

As a provider of industry 4.0 solutions, PAL Robotics is recognized by the government, Generalitat de Catalunya, as one of their success stories within intralogistics. PAL Robotics took part in the Industry 4.0 Solutions Marketplace, organized by ACCIÓ to present Catalan innovations in the sector.

Catalonia is a major exporter of technology and currently one of the main industrial development sites in Europe – there are, in fact, over 1.500 industrial development areas in Catalonia. The Catalan region also has great potential for developing the next generation of solutions to meet changing demands, placing itself at the forefront of ground-breaking industry 4.0 developments is an example.

PAL Robotics has been developing service robotics for more than 15 years and is a leading service robotics company in Europe. Our intralogistics division has solutions for automating transportation within factories. We work to strengthen the current intralogistics ecosystem with cutting edge innovations applied to the market.

Among the different options offered for industry 4.0, PAL Robotics complements its intralogistics offer with automatic inventory-taking systems – such as Stockbot – where our users can finally trust their inventory on a daily basis. 

We are also working on setting the future of manufacturing with projects such as SIMBIOTS, within the context of RIS3CAT from the Generalitat de Catalunya. This project facilitates the introduction of robotics in new industrial processes and applications, using the advantages of mobile manipulation in the production line and creating workspaces where both humans and robots can interact safely together without physical barriers.

See our autonomous mobile robot TIAGo Base in action:

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