Eager to program with our latest Social Robot, ARI?

ARI robot’s simulation is open source and is available online with a ROS Simulator: even if you don’t have the platform physically, you can still explore its capabilities! The simulation is perfect for enhancing your coding abilities and also for getting started in robotics. ARI has a set of comprehensive tutorials of all levels to download its simulation and easily develop robotics applications.

Earlier this year, PAL Robotics introduced a new humanoid platform – ARI. This robot is the perfect mix of Service Robot and Artificial Intelligence in one single platform! You can find more information about ARI by reading our previous blog post, which goes in-depth about how ARI can leverage your AI service with its expressive design that can adapt to your specific business needs. ARI is autonomous, able to provide dynamic information and engage with your clients and team. ARI has the ability for Human-robot interaction, and interactivity and capabilities in terms of gestures.

After the official release of ARI, PAL Robotics is happy to announce that the public simulator of ARI is now available for free to use, enabling you to start experiencing the capabilities of the new social robot right away.

The simulator, which works with ROS, is public and available to everyone who has an interest in learning more about the capabilities of ARI. If you are new to robotics and simulation, you can also get started from scratch as there is a complete set of tutorials to help get you up to speed.

Besides the broad range of tutorials, discover the robot’s model, simulation files, hardware drivers for simulations, descriptions of messages, controllers and high-level capabilities.

PAL Robotics hopes you will enjoy this simulator and it will help you learn about the capabilities of the new humanoid service robot ARI. Read our article on how to get started with our ARI ROS simulator.

Find more information on how to get started right away with ARI on ROS Wiki and on our blog page. For any question, don’t hesitate to contact us!