PAL Robotics at the IROS 2015 Conference

PAL Robotics attended the International Conference of Robots and Intelligent Systems, one of the most renowned conferences on the field. The city of Hamburg became a perfect scenario for sharing knowledge and discovering the latest news on the sector. It gathered together professors, companies, and students who all share the same passion. Many thanks to the organizers and the congress attendees for making it possible!

One of the newest robots shown to the public for the first time is TIAGo, PAL Robotics’ latest creation. Its modularity and configurability turns it to the perfect colleague for any university research lab. More information about this research buddy can be found here. TIAGo’s prototype was accompanied by PAL Robotics’ mobile base, PMB-2, at our booth.

PAL Robotics' team at IROS 2015

TIAGo’s demos at IROS 2015

TIAGo’s prototype proved its abilities performing some demonstrations prepared by our engineers. TIAGo walked around the exhibition being pulled from its arm, and it also showed how it could navigate following people. TIAGo introduced itself to the congress attendees and interacted with some of them. PAL Robotics engineers also controlled TIAGo’s arm with a leap motion sensor.

Another skill used by TIAGo at IROS has been developed in the European Project Factory in a Day. It is the ability of switching mode from position control to gravity compensation mode when an unexpected force is applied to its arm, which could be dangerous for the robot. When that happens, TIAGo automatically changes to gravity compensation for safety. Compliance and collaborativeness of the robots are some of the features in which PAL Robotics focuses on when designing a robot.

Some more demos showed at IROS 2015 by TIAGo were learning-by-demonstration tasks, or the ability of gazing and pointing at a specific marker. TIAGo kept moving its arm and lifting torso in order to continually track the marker. These are only a few of many possibilities allowed by the Whole Body Control that PAL Robotics implemented to TIAGo, which enables our robots to execute simultaneously multiple tasks.

IROS 2015 was also the scene of some collaborations with other robotics companies. One example is the successful integration of the Shadow Hand Extra Lite to TIAGo – more details soon!

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