PAL Robotics was present at the 2012 IROS conference with a full team, including some of our staff and of course one of our robots REEM.

Apart of that, PAL Robotics also presented a range of components, including its M90 modules , its M3D wrist, the PAL Robotics Hand and Software.

The acceptance by – mainly – the academic attendants was very positive, and especially REEM made a big impression, being the only real full size humanoid service robot present at the event. REEM was considered to be an interesting R&D platform which can be used by universities and R&D institutions worldwide in order to try out all kinds of software and algorithms.

PAL Robotics hereby confirmed its interest and enthusiasm to work with the academic world, with whom they already started working some time ago, amongst others on special R&D collaborations, PAL Robotics also supplies the universities worldwide with specific material, and also uses it as a pool from where to hire the best experts (PAL Robotics nowadays has 5 Phd’s amongst its personnel and various interns from different universities!).

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