Excellence Award for Technology Innovation for PAL Robotics

Yesterday 29th of September 2016 PAL Robotics received the Business Excellence award for Technology Innovation at the Day of Telecommunications. The award recognizes the enterprise’s trajectory for contributing to the technological expansion. At PAL Robotics we work to make life better through robotics. Our research and development in humanoids is constantly expanding the limits towards the improvement of the robotics technology that we believe one day will make our life easier. Other robots have born from the know-how accumulated along the way, such as TIAGo or StockBot, that solve specific problems of society.

The Excellence award was dedicated to the exceptional team which makes possible the creation of such cutting-edge robots. We would like to sincerely thank GrausTIC for this valuable recognition.

The robotics transformation

At the event, PAL Robotics’ CEO Francesco Ferro participated in a panel discussion that debated on Robotics and how the market is evolving. The highlight was put on how robotics and digitalization are going to change our lives. Some relevant fields where robots can provide a service were stated:

This new reality is already opening many ethical and legal challenges that require of an exhaustive discussion.

PAL Robotics' CEO Francesco Ferro during a discussion panel at the 15th Diada de les Telecomunicacions in 2016

Industry 4.0 and the need for collaborative robots

The debate stated that the digital transformation is changing how people consume goods. The market is being transformed from mass producing the same product, to answering to every customer’s demand. Classic and static supply chains need to evolve towards flexible and agile processes that are fast and meet the dynamic demand.

This is where collaborative robots can be very useful: platforms that are modular, interactive and easy to use for the operator. Collaborative robots like TIAGo are designed to be safe and share workspace with people at a supply chain, in order to provide daily assistance to the workers. The EU Project Factory in a Day is also focused on solving these new needs.

Francesco Ferro interview with Onda Cero

The XV Day of Telecommunications gathered over a thousand people that work or are interested in the field at the CosmoCaixa museum of Barcelona.Listen to the interview to Francesco Ferro at Onda Cero Radio’s programme “La Ciutat” for the Day of Telecommunications at minute 41:35!

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