The AYRI11 Innovation Award for TIAGo

It is an honour for PAL Robotics to have received the AYRI11 Innovation Award for TIAGo, our mobile manipulator. AYRI11 gathered the latest innovations in industrial robotics at TecnoCampus (Mataró, Spain). The event, held on November 3rd, combined talks with workshops in which PAL Robotics participated showing our mobile manipulator. The speech was given by PAL Robotics’ Business Manager, Carlos Vivas, and TIAGo’s Product Manager, Jordi Pages.

PAL Robotics was at Automation and Industrial Robotics forum (AYRI11) introducing , our mobile manipulator TIAGo for research. Our collaborative robot is designed to contribute in the near future in tasks related to Ambient Assisted Living as well as light industry. TIAGo is meant to become a colleague for the employees that autonomously complements their work. Research on those fields can use this versatile platform to push the limits of what is possible and improve our quality of life. We want to have some TIAGos helping on our daily life soon!


TIAGo's Product Manager, Jordi Pagès, receiving the Innovation Award.

TIAGo’s Product Manager, Jordi Pagès, receiving the Innovation Award.

In the AYRI11 workshop TIAGo’s arm and hand was lifted and tele-operated using a leap motion sensor. The attendees could try to control the robot through this system. Our mobile manipulator kept reproducing the movements of the person, and also changing its height lifting its torso. Another demo shown was an example of a gravity compensation application. The user guides the robot by pulling from the arm, which is in gravity compensation mode. The torso is also adapting to the height the user pulls to, the stack of tasks includes joint limit avoidance and prevents self-collisions.

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