Intralogistics in industry generally describes the entire process in a company that has to do with the connection and interaction of internal systems for material flow, automated guided vehicles, logistics, production and goods transport on the company premises.

The planning of the solutions, the automation of the conveyor technology in the warehouse, material flow, notification, the optimisation of the controls and machines, as well as the implementation of the projects, are part of the tasks of intralogistics.

On the other hand, also use and development of the facilities in the field of software, warehouse management, warehouse management systems, networking, robots, plant engineering.

Discover our autonomous mobile robot TIAGo Base for logistics.

Developing the ROS2 Control project for robots supporting ROS2 software

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Re-creating and improving on the original ROS Control software package within ROS2 PAL Robotics is taking part in the ros2_control project, which has the aim of delivering a complete version of ros_control for ROS2, which is essential for having a

Innovation in sustainable manufacturing in Catalonia through project SIMBIOTS

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Project SIMBIOTS and Sustainable Manufacturing PAL Robotics is a project partner in research project SIMBIOTS, an initiative by the Acció department of the Generalitat de Catalunya which aims to introduce robotics in new industrial processes and applications through sustainable manufacturing.

Versatility of TIAGo as a research platform: for navigation

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TIAGo Mobile Manipulator Robot: a platform for navigation Whether your research platform needs include manipulation, navigation or perception, our versatile mobile manipulator TIAGo platform (which stands for Take It And Go) is ready to adapt to meet your research needs

Developing composable models and software for robotics systems with project RobMoSys

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The mobile manipulator robot TIAGo in Project RobMoSys PAL Robotics has been one of the consortium partners since project RobMoSys started in early 2017, alongside the Eclipse Foundation, Comau, Siemens, TUM (Technical University of Munich), KU Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit), THU

TIAGo Delivery makes an impact in hospitals tackling COVID-19 thanks to DIH-HERO

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TIAGo Base Delivery in hospitals Hospitals have successfully tested PAL Robotics’ TIAGo Delivery and TIAGo Conveyor robots as part of efforts to tackle COVID-19, through our project with Accerion and DIH-HERO. We have been able to adapt our robots, working

Artificial Intelligence in TIAGo for healthcare and agile production as part of EU project OpenDR

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PAL Robotics work with TIAGo for healthcare and hospitals  Advances in Artificial Intelligence in the field of robotics have led to major developments, such as self-driving cars and algorithms that can both understand and respond to questions. Yet, open frameworks

Industry 4.0 event Hannover Messe Digital Days and our robots for industry

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The Hannover Messe Digital Days event Hannover Messe is an important event for industrial robotics and industry 4.0 internationally, and PAL Robotics is delighted to have signed up to participate. However, due to current events Hannover Messe 2020 will take

ROS Developers Day 2020

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ROS and Developer For the third year The Construct organized the ROS Developers Day 2020, which took place on the 27th of June. This virtual event is held for robot operating system developers with the aim to connect ROS developers

PAL Robotics is fighting COVID-19 in hospitals through DIH-HERO

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TIAGo Delivery with the Jupiter and Triton sensors  With the unpredictable health crisis of COVID-19 continuing to place high demands on hospitals and healthcare institutions, there is a continuing search for better and more efficient solutions. This includes solutions that

ICRA 2020 has a new format offering workshops, awards, members events and more

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The new ICRA 2020 A highlight in the events calendar for the robotics community, including PAL Robotics, each year is ICRA 2020, which stands for The International Conference on Robotics and Automation. ICRA is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s

Multiple robots and humans working together in project Co4Robots

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Project milestones for Co4Robots PAL Robotics has been part of a team of project partners working on the European project Co4Robots, to build a framework that supervises and coordinates multiple robots and humans working together (including robots with different capabilities)

How to build a solution for fighting coronavirus using the TIAGo Base robot

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Choosing the right TIAGo Base solution for your organisation Current coronavirus (COVID-19) consequences call for a fast development and implementation of new and existing technologies to help hospitals, businesses and industry to stop the spread of the pandemic. As well

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