Luca Marchionni’s seminar in Rome

Last Thursday 26th of July Francesco Ferro, CEO of PAL Robotics, and Luca Marchionni, Robotics Engineer from PAL Robotics, visited the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering “Antonio Ruperti” at Sapienza University of Rome.
Luca Marchionni, who got his Master’s Degree in Control Engineering and Robotics at Sapienza University in 2007, gave a talk in front of an audience composed by professors and researchers that have been and are going to be at the forefront of research in control theory, computing science and robotics.

PAL Robotics had the opportunity to present its products: the humanoid service robot REEM and the modular robotic components as the wrist, the modules and the hand. Furthermore, Luca illustrated R&D projects that are being carried on by PAL Robotics research groups in order to show the potential of the REEM platform: autonomous navigation in crowded environment, object recognition and grasping, face tracking and so forth.

This event is one of the several visits that PAL Robotics is doing to universities and research institutes with the aim of increasing its popularity among academics and to stimulate collaboration projects.

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