TIAGo Robot and students

Practising is always the best way to learn something. TIAGo made it possible last week at the Automation, Domotics and Robotics Master Program, taught in La Salle University (Barcelona). PAL Robotics software engineer Sammy Pfeiffer has been giving robotics classes there for two weeks together with TIAGo. Students could test what they had learnt on the mobile manipulator, and use TIAGo themselves under Pfeiffer’s supervision.

Students of the Robotics Master collaborating with PAL Robotics

TIAGo robot is 100% ROS and therefore it is very accessible for everyone who has some basic knowledge in this system. The 7-DoF arm and the lifting torso open a big workspace, where TIAGo can work. Its configuration, both in software and hardware, is very simple to manage, in order to ease research on developing complex applications for domestic and industrial environments.

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