On the occasion of the European Robotics Week, REEM has been present in one of the best outreach centers of Europe. The exhibitions and activities are amazing, and REEM had the opportunity of guiding people to most of them. Of course, it became one of the attractions of space during its stay, between 26th November and 2nd December. Not in vain, it was the first time ever that a robot performed service tasks such as providing information, guide and interact with visitors without any supervision.

Visitors at CosmoCaixaVisitors interacting with REEM at CosmoCaixa

It was the perfect occasion to study the Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) with all type of audiences: from kids to elder people. This study, in collaboration with LaSalle and UPC would show us the common reactions in different situations and different profiles. Scholar groups, families, teenagers, adults… thousands of people came to meet REEM, the tireless and kids-resistant guide!


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