Thursday, 9 June 2011, PAL Robotics was invited to give a presentation about its commercial prototype REEM to a group of the Rotary in a neighbor town of Barcelona. Business Development Manager Jan Jonckheere briefly presented the history of humanoid service robots and then discussed the humanoid service robot REEM from PAL Robotics. After the presentation the attendants talked more in detail about the future of robotics in general and of human service robots.

Although no-one in the public had a direct relation to Robotics , there was a high interest in the subject. A lot of questions were raised, some of them difficult to answer, as for example: “Could there be a relation between cloud computing and robots?”.

PAL Robotics still has a big task to fulfill in terms of educating the general public about Robots: most people are very surprised to meet REEM and to find out that there is a commercial robot available already and that some units have been ordered and will be working in our society in the beginning of next year. People want to learn about its applications, features and believe it’s an extraordinary product.

PAL Robotics is scheduled to do presentations at other Rotary Clubs soon, including a live demonstration of REEM!