PAL Robotics in Kiev

PAL Robotics was invited by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibit Industry, to present REEM at the Focus Meeting Operations at Kiev in Ukraine!

Oriol Torres, our Business Strategy Manager, and Jan Jonckheere, our Business Development Manager attended the 3-day meeting and explained the usage of REEM at tradeshows to the public, consisting mostly of Operations Managers of the worldwide Exhibition Industry.

All attendees received a complete information package and a questionnaire to fill out. The reactions were varied: a lot of people did not yet expect humanoid robots at trade shows, some were rather skeptical about this, however, also a lot of people were enthusiastic and found it a refreshing idea to use robots to guide and entertain people, hand out information or to use them for advertisement purposes.

For PAL Robotics it was a very informative experience and it will certainly help to increase the customer’s experience in the future. And our team already received an invitation to participate in another event in the industry!!

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