The latest humanoid robot by PAL Robotics: REEM

PAL Robotics is proud to announce that its latest prototype has been successfully launched in presence of their investors in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

The new prototype, the 4th one of PAL Robotics, referred to as REEM, is a 1.65 m high humanoid robot with 22 degrees of freedom. The upper part of the robot comprises of a torso with a touch-screen, two motorized arms, which give it a high degree of expression, and a head, which is also motorized. The robot has a mobile base with wheels, allowing it to move at 5 km/hour. It contains a small platform, which can be used to transport objects (e.g. a trolley). Finally the mobile base contains a lithium battery that lasts up to eight hours, allowing the robot to move around freely without the need of cables or human assistance. A complete range of sensors (cameras, ultrasonic, lasers, etc.) ensures the robot can find its way safely, avoiding obstacles and people.

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This prototype, for which the first orders have already been received, can be used as a dynamic information point, a guide, an entertainer, and as a transport machine, while its touch-screen can be used for a variety of multimedia applications, e.g. to display maps of the surrounding area, display a variety of information, and for tele-assistance. It finds great applications in hotels, trade shows, special events, shopping malls, airports and hospitals.

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