Innovations in projects of Service Robotics Conference

Monday, 20th June 2011, PAL Robotics participated in the Conference “Innovations in projects of Service Robotics” held in the Association of Engineers of Catalonia ( This conference is the first conference in a row that spread the concept and innovations of Service Robotics in the Engineering Catalan Society. The next talks will be in September/October, related to Education in Service Robots and Robots used for natural disasters.

Oriol Torres, Business Strategy Manager at PAL, explained the vision of PAL Robotics about Service Robots and Personal Care Robots and presented the robotic commercial platform REEM.
Besides PAL Robotics, two departments of Robotics of the universities IRI-UPC and VICOROB-UdG assisted the conference. As well as another company, called Aquiles Robotics.

There was an interesting discussion after the talks about the expectations of robotics, their impact in society and the guidelines of future developments. PAL Robotics encourages this kind of open discussions. We believe it will bring awareness about the impact of service robotics in society during the next years.