Report from the 2014 Humanoid Conference

PAL Robotics attended Humanoids 2014 held in Madrid from 18th to 20th of November. We were sponsor of the event, as well as exhibitors and organizers of a workshop.

The “Software Architecture and Methodologie  s for Developing Humanoid Robots” workshop gathered several experts to share experiences on several robotics platforms, identify common problems and take a step towards a standard way to solve them.

The conference is one of the most important annual meetings about humanoid robotics and this edition counted with about 430 participants. REEM-C biped robot showed its capabilities walking around the conference venue, welcoming people, shaking hands and entertaining with a cool whole body control demo.

REEM-C attracted a lot of curious people to our booth, where we had prepared a teleoperation demo of the Ulna robotic arm and Hey5 hand with the Razer Hydra game controller.

PAL Robotics' team standing with REEM-C

In the picture the whole team is shown: Adolfo Rodríguez, Hilario Tomé, REEM-C, Luca Marchionni and Francesco Ferro.

A lot of professors and researchers demonstrated interest in PAL Robotics’ products and provided thoughts and suggestions for future developments. Furthermore, we received a good press visibility and REEM-C even learned how to hold the microphone by itself!

The biped humanoid robot REEM-C standing in front of PAL Robotics' desk at Humanoids Conference 2014

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