Hi PAL bloggers!

I’m Justine! During the past three months I have been working at PAL Robotics as an intern. And unfortunately it is time to say goodbye… How sad!!

Let me tell you about my project here at the company. I have been working on a handshaking application for REEM! This very challenging development is an essential step towards a better integration of the robots in their environment. My work consisted in combining existing components to use motions, vision and navigation. The tricky part was to balance how these components work together and to adjust the robot’s actions, in order to interpret and react to human behaviour.

I very much enjoyed my research project at PAL and I’ve learnt a lot. The team was amazing, always trying to go one step further and to do the right thing. It was a pleasure to work in such a friendly, motivating and challenging context !

Working at PAL Robotics and living in Barcelona was a great experience overall. I will leave Barcelona in a few days to go back to France. I have to finish my studies of control engineering at the Ecole des Mines, in Nantes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at PAL Robotics!