What can StockBot do for your store?

High technological innovations help retailers stay competitive in nowadays market. The EuroCIS Fair brings together the newest developments in tech for retailers and gathers over 10,000 visitors next week in Düsseldorf (Germany).

In this edition, the huge fair will also count with two robotic attendees. While some of their colleagues are busy taking stock in different European stores, two StockBot robots will travel to EuroCIS to demonstrate their effectiveness live, directly from PAL Robotics.

Inventory is one of the hardest aspects to manage in a retail store. For retailers, having StockBot on board means to have an exhaustive knowledge of the inventory status every day, which enables a rapid reaction when detecting out-of-stock situations and misplacements. On the other hand, its report includes a 3D map with the products’ location, which also gives a deeper understanding about customers’ behaviour.

All the collected data is easily integrated in the retailer’s own system and can be analysed to make sense of what goes on in the store. In the end, StockBot gives the retailer a privileged access to all sorts of innovative strategies that increase revenue. StockBot integrates RFID, vision and navigation technologies to autonomously perform inventory. This is how StockBot collects accurate data and provides unique insights of a store products’ flow.

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