Professor Sharkey talks with us

In a recent interview with Professor Noel Sharkey, professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sheffield, he told us about the 2 most advanced humanoid robots he has been able to work with. One of them is REEM-B, the biped humanoid robot of PAL Robotics in Barcelona, whereas the other one is the ASIMO from Honda. Professor Sharkey found REEM-B to be very distinctive, especially because of its autonomous navigation, something very few humanoid robots can. He stressed the fact that REEM-B can walk around on itself and that it has sensors in its feet, another particular fact from REEM-B.

Have a look at this exciting interview with one of the world top specialists at:

Interview with Noel Sharkey

The part of the video where he compares REEM-B and Asimo starts at min 7.20.

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