“Watching the Earth from the Moon, I thought that the future would bring flying cars, houses at Mars… Luckily, the future was about something else.” This is how the new Vodafone ad starts, with a reflection of the former astronaut Alan Bean about how he imagined the future. He was the fourth person to walk on the Moon, and shares the thoughts that came to his mind from the space, at the moment he was stepping on the lunar surface.

Forty-six years after the Apollo XII landed the Moon, technology, science and robotics are evolving to ease our existence in a more realistic way, but equally amazing. REEM-C is an example of that, and there is room for him on this ad. Our humanoid robot opens a wide range of possibilities that will help people’s life, for instance, in education.

In the ad we see a group of children having a great time interacting with REEM-C at school. In fact, many research has proven that humanoid robots are a fantastic platform for children’s interactive learning. Its human-like appearance and size awakes children’s positive feelings towards it that help them emphatize, and enjoy while learning.

Who wouldn’t have liked to learn this way? This is what the future is about, and the one we want to work for.