As 2019 begins, new retail trends make it to the retailers’ ears, and robotics in retail is surely the one with the clearest applications that can be implemented right away. Robotics in retail can solve problems that required too many resources to tackle properly up to now, the most relevant being stock-taking.

While Stock Management is at the core of the retail business, it is difficult to have precise control of its flow with unfrequent manual inventories. Solutions like StockBot are the game changer here since it automates stock-taking while unlocking new possibilities of retail innovation at the same time.

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How StockBot puts stock under control: a win-win for everyone


Having an accurate control of inventory is still a challenge in retail stores.

After years having StockBot robots in action in stores, we have seen how the robot completely changes routines and strategies in retail. StockBot uses RAIN RFID and smart robotics navigation to update reliable stock data, including the 3D location of goods, in the inventory system in real time. This trustworthy data is the key for retailers to analyze stock flow, take smart decisions and make solid predictions that go right to the store’s bottom line.

StockBot’s flexibility, being able to work with customers around, and adaptability to the environment, without needing any modification, makes the robot deployment easy, fast and economical. Right after that, from the very first day, shop assistants can notice the advantages of having StockBot on board. They have more time to deliver better customer care and can count on a reliable stock database to locate any product in the store.

Robotics: the door to the future in Retail

The personalization of customer experiencethe “experiential retail”, the multi-channel retail models, the e-commerce expansion, and the digitalization, are some of the trends that will bring out the next revolution in retail. Yet they are only possible if a previous step is made: to exhaustively control the store’s stock flow, a challenge still present in retail nowadays. That is why StockBot robot is the decisive element that will enable the triggering of a smart future for retailers.

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