Interview with Professor Gordon Cheng

In PAL Robotics we had the opportunity to talk to one of the most renowned experts of robotics, Professor Gordon Cheng. Dr. Cheng is the founder and Director of the Institute for Cognitive Systems (ICS), which is part of the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, at the Technical University Munich (TUM). He visited our offices in Barcelona, and we took the chance to interview Dr. Cheng about what we are all so interested about: robotics.

“Humanoid robots make sense. The way we interact with them is more natural.”Professor Gordon Cheng.

Dr. Cheng really looks like the kind of person who has turned his passion to his profession, and enjoys it while, at the same time, he pushes the limits of what is possible in robotics. This highly regarded researcher is backed by the great amount of valued essays and work that he has done in more than fifteen years – which is fast to say.

Altogether with the ICS team, Professor Cheng aims to create a cognitive system so that robots become more intelligent to act and react properly in real environments. The ultimate goal is that robotics efficiently help people. Dr. Cheng goes deeper on it in the video, and he also explains why they are focused in new lines of research, such as developing the ability of touch for robots.

Another highlight would be the importance that the Professor gives to humanoid biped robots, as they fit perfectly in human environments; which is where, in the end, they need to fit. Mr. Cheng also shared with us other interesting facts such as how he became interested in robotics when he was a child, nowadays challenges, or his perspective on how robotics will contribute to make our lives easier. Have a look at the video below to see the interview!

We are aware of the audio problems of this video, so we suggest you to activate subtitles – we want to share with you this interesting talk about robotics with Professor Cheng!

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