This year PAL Robotics participated for the first time at the Global Shopping Centre Convention of the Middle East and North Africa, which took place on 28 and 29of November at the Dubai World Trade Center.  People from all aspects of the sector were present, from holding CEO’s, to Shopping Mall managers, Retail brand representatives, and event organizers, mostly from the United Arab Emirates and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our robot REEM showed people how to find the way through the premises, how to retrieve all kinds of information through its Dynamic Information System, it gave a demonstration of Fairy tale-telling (f.i. for the kids at the Family Entertainment Centers) and for the first time was also able to demonstrate how advertisement could be used in a dynamic way, that is, making the advertisement change in function of its environment.

REEM brought a fresh breeze of innovation to the event and people really loved to watch the humanoid service robot going around and were hoping to see one soon at their own Shopping Malls. Well, who knows…?? :)

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