The emotion of competitions, at IROS 2018

IROS 2018 is coming to Spain! The worldwide specialists of robotics are off to Madrid’s Municipal Conference Centre, from the 1st to the 5th of October. This is a special IROS for PAL Robotics, Platinum Sponsors of the conference: one of the reasons is that the distinguished conference takes place in our country. Besides, the Conference arrives in a highly exciting time for us, due to the leading-edge projects and collaborations we are working on. We eagerly look forward to unveiling many surprises that we have prepared for IROS 2018. Here’s a sneak peak on what you will enjoy:

Brand new demos in our robots

From TALOS and REEM-C humanoids to diverse TIAGo configurations, and the several automated solutions that are born from TIAGo Base and StockBot: All our platforms will have new developments that you will be able to try out, which show how they benefit industry and research. Find us right in the middle of the exhibition! Booths nº 75-76-77-82-83-84.

Smart manipulation and mobility are fundamental for having proper robotics applications in industrial, healthcare or logistics scenarios. The Mobile Manipulation Hackathon (MMH) gives a chance to five international teams, selected from a great number of submissions, to showcase their skills by implementing their proposal on a TIAGo robot at IROS 2018. Can’t wait to see their achievements!

The ERL Consumer League Major Tournament is also landing at IROS 2018! Up to eight teams will demonstrate their capabilities on coding a robot to autonomously perform tasks in a domestic environment. The ERL Consumer League is organized under the SCIROC EU-funded project, which is announcing the 2018-2019 season with this video – fantastic TIAGo calling an elevator and picking products in a supermarket!


Deepening into the robotics’ state of the art

Besides the exhibition and the competitions, the Conference is strongly relevant for the debates and discussions with robotics specialists. Find PAL Robotics sharing our know-how at:

IROS 2018 Industrial Forum (Wed, October 3rd)

See you in Madrid!

Discover PAL Robotics at IROS 2021.

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