Smart inventory management with StockBot

RFID technology was a forward leap on making inventory task easier and less tiresome. However, it is still a repetitive task that requires some people spending hours with such a monotonous task, and it impedes employees from focusing on more valued tasks. PAL Robotics‘ vision of improving people’s lives through robotics has lead us to conceive a solution for automating inventory-taking, going beyond the state of the art.

Discover why Decathlon chose StockBot to manage its inventory.

StockBot is an autonomous robot which takes inventory in retail stores and warehouses using RFID technology. StockBot works at night without supervision, runs through corridors while detecting products, and crafts a report with not only a list of the items, but also their spatial location. So, say goodbye to out-of-stock situations and product misplacements, and the lost sales that come with them (more than 70% of lost sales are because of those two reasons) thanks to PAL Robotics’ StockBot.

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Do you want to know more on how StockBot works? Here you have a brief video that illustrates its easy usage for automating inventory-taking:

The importance of a daily stock update

One big problem StockBot solves is the periodicity in which inventory is taken. Customers will leave satisfied only if they find what they are looking for at the shop. An updated inventory is crucial for that, as it’s the only way to know if you really have the product they want. Usually, inventory-taking frequency is lower than what’s needed, and stock is not updated enough to trust on it. StockBot changes this: it’s designed to take inventory every night, so that stock is daily updated and data is more accurate.

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Increasing earnings thanks to automating inventory

Automating inventory liberates employees’ valuable time in which they can better attend customers or analyse the evolution of the big data provided by our robot, and make decisions in consequence. StockBot is about being more efficient, having stock completely controlled and easy to find, and focusing on customers’ satisfaction. And above all, the ultimate result of all these StockBot effects is that sales are increased.

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