Smart Industries demand more flexible solutions for automation due to growing consumption and diversification. The Catalonian project RISCAT is focused on Innovation Strategies for Intelligent Specialization. It is part of the Digital Strategy for Catalonia for 2020 that aims to establish a framework for investment and action in the ICT field. The project is a response to the European Commission’s requirements for regional development and research strategies for smart specialization and innovation development. As a partner, PAL Robotics has been recognized as a provider for the 4.0 Industry.

La Generalitat has a number of collaborative projects focused on sustainable innovation development, such as Smart Cities and Industry 4.0. The increase in industrial companies in Catalonia has driven the need for more innovative technologies. There are 39.613 companies in the region, however just 10.3% of these companies have integrated robotic solutions.

As a provider of 4.0 technologies, PAL Robotics offers versatile solutions for different industrial areas such as research, industry, retail and social.

The robots have been designed to collaborate with workers and to automate the production process while cutting costs and minimizing inefficiencies. PAL Robotics platforms have also been deployed in various environments making them equipped to meet industry needs. In addition, PAL Robotics has total control over the design and production process of the robots since all work is completed within the company and not outsourced.

PAL Robotics was founded in 2004 and has experienced continuous growth since then. Today the company produces a diverse range of robots with different capabilities. PAL Robotics solutions are fully based on ROS making them easily integratable with any other technology solutions.