ROS Developers Day 2020

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For the third year The Construct organized the ROS Developers Day 2020, which took place on the 27th of June. This virtual event is held for robot operating system developers with the aim to connect ROS developers around the world without geographical restrictions to share and learn the latest ROS applications through real-time practice. PAL [...]

Developing Memory of Motion in robots with arms and legs in project Memmo

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Imagine if legged robots could move in the same agile way as humans and the impact this technology could have on various industries. Currently, complex movements for robots with arms and legs in unstructured environments are difficult to achieve in real-time. Technology able to generate more complex movements in robots with arms and legs operating [...]

PAL Robotics is fighting COVID-19 in hospitals through DIH-HERO

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TIAGo Delivery with the Jupiter and Triton sensors from Accerion will be used in this initiative With the unpredictable health crisis of COVID-19 continuing to place high demands on hospitals and healthcare institutions, there is a continuing search for better and more efficient solutions. This includes solutions that reduce time pressure on hospital staff, lessen [...]

ICRA 2020 and live demos of TALOS and TIAGo robots

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It started on 31 May and runs right up until 31 August: ICRA 2020 is happening right now and offers something for everyone in the robotics community, don’t miss out! We are excited to be taking part in ICRA and this week our robots, TALOS and TIAGo, are doing live demos in collaboration with the [...]

ICRA 2020 has a new format offering workshops, awards, members events and more

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A highlight in the events calendar for the robotics community, including PAL Robotics, each year is ICRA 2020, which stands for The International Conference on Robotics and Automation. ICRA is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s flagship conference and for the first time ever the event offers a completely new format. ICRA 2020 is a [...]

Multiple robots and humans working together in project Co4Robots

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PAL Robotics has been part of a team of project partners working on the European project Co4Robots, to build a framework that supervises and coordinates multiple robots and humans working together (including robots with different capabilities) to accomplish required tasks. The project consortium consists of BOSCH (Germany), FORTH: Foundation for Research & Technology (Greece), KTH: [...]

Do you need funding for your research? By applying to EUROBENCH you can receive up to €160k. Don’t miss out!

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As you may know, you can receive up to €160k for participating in the different calls of European H2020 project EUROBENCH. At the present moment, the second call is open and this will offer up to €60k to developers interested in using the EUROBENCH testing facilities and benchmarking software to evaluate bipedal robotics technologies.  We [...]

How to build a solution for fighting coronavirus using the TIAGo Base robot

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Current coronavirus (COVID-19) consequences call for a fast development and implementation of new and existing technologies to help hospitals, businesses and industry to stop the spread of the pandemic. As well as hospitals dealing with the challenges of the virus on the front line, businesses and industry face the upcoming pressures of social distancing of [...]

Developing state of the art safety procedures for robots in public spaces with the COVR project

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PAL Robotics has recently collaborated as part of a team helping develop state of the art robotic safety procedures for robots in public spaces, with the European Union COVR project, which stands for "being safe around collaborative and versatile robots in shared spaces.'' Here we tell you more about the goals and pilots in advancing [...]