Pal robotics is excited to introduce our newest member: ARI. Our latest robotic development enables you to boost your AI research due to its combination of Intel 7 & NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GPU. The available processing power of the fully ROS based platform allows you to freely explore the limitless applications of AI and robotics. 


ARI is designed to interact, engage and assist its audience. To engage in high-quality interactions ARI is equipped with RGB and Depth cameras, LEDs, Eyes integrated with LCDs, IMU, microphone array, and speakers. Along with a significant number of degrees of freedom in its joints, ARI is able to perform a wide range of multimodal expressive gestures and behaviors making it a robust platform for research in Human-Robot-Interaction, perception, cognition, navigation, and localization.


The curvy body design gives the robotic platform a friendly and approachable appearance that further enhances the user acceptability and the attractiveness of the robot. The overall concept of ARI is focused on expressiveness and user engagement. The available LED manager enables the easy personalization of ARI’s appearance, adapting her to your needs. It has been specifically optimized for providing dynamic interaction, as well as facial and basic human emotion recognition – making it the ideal receptionist, guide and assistant. 


ARI is an open humanoid platform: its behavior can be easily customized using the provided ROS and REST API to effortlessly develop, test on the simulator and deploy applications on your robot. A graphical interface is provided for developing complex behaviors based on finite state machines or behavior trees, allowing the composition of robot motions, perception functionalities, touchscreen contents, and design ad-hoc dialogues and interaction with users. 


We were able to integrate the valuable experiences gathered throughout the years in world-class events with a state of the art technology to develop ARI. 


 To further broaden the service applications of ARI, it is able to execute coordinated dual-arm actions, to autonomously navigate in crowded environments and to provide dynamic information. It is expressive, helpful and entertaining. Designed to connect in meaningful interactions and to elicit emotional connections it is the perfect social robot for nowadays needs.


You can find more up-to-date information about ARI here