The European Robotics League is coming to Barcelona!

Robots from all over Europe will descend on Barcelona for the European Robotics League’s Local Tournament, 20 - 24 November. It’s the first time the Spanish city has hosted the European Robotics League (ERL), and it will be held at PAL Robotics’ office. We’re incredibly excited to announce that the call for participation is now [...]

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The intern guide to SLAM part II: loop closure & new framework

Next up in our SLAM series is intern Tessa Pannen, who is studying a Computational Engineering Science MA at the Technische Universität Berlin. As she’s coming to the end of her six month internship, we quizzed Tessa about the successes and challenges of her new verification process for loop closure and framework for SLAM. This [...]

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REEM hosts La Salle open day

REEM was at La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull open day. He greeted all the attendants and had a great day interacting with professors and visitors of La Salle. Our robot guided them through the center and provided all the information required. Robot REEM attending visitors. La Salle was glad to have REEM with them. [...]

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Jainendra is contributing to the Robolution!

I am Jainendra Shukla, research scholar at CINVESTAV, Guadalajara and I am presently  working on Vision Aided Bipedal Locomotion. I had a stay at PAL Robotics from January to April in 2014. Here I had the opportunity to work with the Navigation team, and in  particular with Hilario Tomé and Luca Marchionni. I was working on [...]

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Google Summer of Code 2014 with REEM

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence, University of Bremen, is now a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2014 program. This includes assignments that use CRAM  to design and test a planning library and reasoning components using virtual environments and REEM. You can apply (deadline is March 21 19:00 UTC) following the instructions at [...]

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GSoC Ideas

At PAL Robotics we have some ideas for the Google Summer of Code 2014 Web rviz Brief explanation: Integrate robot web tools to mimic rviz features. Creating a web rviz will simplify visualization of a ROS-based robot data and allow it to be multiplatform. Expected results: a web application that provides visualization of some of [...]

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Unplug and play REEM-C!

PAL Robotics, the creators of REEM-A, REEM-B and REEM are proud to introduce REEM-C. Meet the newest 100% ROS based, with 3h walking autonomy, human size (1.65m, 80Kg), built to last robot. You can, for 1/5 of the price of any current well known real size humanoid robot, get one REEM-C now! Have your own [...]

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Fast installation makes robotics affordable for small companies

Fast installation makes robotics affordable for small companies Small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe mostly refrain from using advanced robot technology. The EU-project Factory-in-a-Day aims to change this by developing a robotic system that can be set up and made operational in 24 hours and is flexible, leasable and cheap. The project has a budget [...]

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