ARI’s wiki ROS tutorials on SLAM

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For humans, finding the way around a new place may involve a map, or GPS - and in the world or robotics, the technology used for robots to navigate is known as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). SLAM started in the 1980’s and similarly to a person trying to navigate in a place they don’t [...]

ARI wiki ROS simulator: how to get started

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Did you know that it's possible to practice programming with wiki ROS without having your own robot? PAL Robotics’ latest addition, ARI, has its own free wiki ROS (Robot Operating System) simulator that you can install and get started using anytime and anywhere. In 2019, PAL Robotics introduced a new humanoid social robot - ARI. [...]

How we are supporting healthy living for older individuals with project SHAPES

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We are proud to be contributing to the recently launched EU project SHAPES, supporting independent and healthy living for older individuals. For this project we are adapting our robots TIAGo and ARI to be used with the smart digital platform being created.  For the aging population in Europe there is a greater risk of cognitive [...]

Meet ARI: Social Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in One Single Platform

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  Pal robotics is excited to introduce our newest member: ARI. Our latest social robot enables you to boost your AI research due to its combination of Intel 7 & NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GPU. The available processing power of the fully ROS based platform allows you to freely explore the limitless applications of AI and [...]

Robot REEM is spending her summer in Yas Island (Abu Dhabi)

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Our humanoid entertainer and guide robot REEM is in Yas Island (Abu Dhabi)! Robot REEM is shooting an adventure film about the Golden Key treasure hunt there (REEM the ROBOT: The Quest to find the Golden Keys). This hunt is based on an event that is currently going on in the Yas Mall: people can look [...]

REEM hosts La Salle open day

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REEM was at La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull open day. He greeted all the attendants and had a great day interacting with professors and visitors of La Salle. Our robot guided them through the center and provided all the information required. Robot REEM attending visitors. La Salle was glad to have REEM with them. [...]

REEM and REEM-C, citizens of Barcelona

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REEM and REEM-C are the two robotic citizens of Barcelona, and they enjoy it so much! PAL Robotics is considered as part of the representative business sectors of Barcelona, and of the values which identify this outstanding city all over the world. That's the reason why our humanoid robots appear on a Barcelona Inspira video. Lately, [...]

Meet REEM robot in Barcelona Advanced Industry park!

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REEM robot is attending the Barcelona Advanced Industry Park open day this Saturday 18th of April. The park is opening its doors to anyone who wants to discover the technological activity that goes on there. Our humanoid robot Reem is going there as well! He is willing to meet you and take a picture with [...]

REEM, the autonomous explorer

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A recently developed feature for the REEM humanoid robots is autonomous exploration. The exploration system enables the robot to move around an unknown environment and create a map of the place without human intervention. Once the map has been created, REEM is able to localize itself in the map and navigate to any reachable goal. [...]