LinuxCon Europe 2012 welcomes REEM at its European conference on November 5th!

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LinuxCon Europe 2012, together with the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, have this year chosen Barcelona for their event, and PAL Robotics happily agreed with the Linux Foundation to have REEM over there the first day to give a "little extra" to the event. REEM is one of PAL Robotics' humanoid service robots, which is programmed [...]

PAL Robotics present at the International Conference on Robots and Intelligent Systems (IROS) in Vilamoura, Portugal

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PAL Robotics was present at the 2012 IROS conference with a full team, including some of our staff and of course one of our robots REEM. REEM and the PAL Robotics-staff, at IROS 2012 Apart of that, PAL Robotics also presented a range of components, including its M90 modules , its M3D wrist, the PAL [...]

Cleaning a white board with REEM

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David Martínez reports on his Master Thesis about Automatic Control and Robotics at UPC and PAL Robotics Hello! I'm David Martínez, a Master's degree student in Automatic Control and Robotics in the UPC. I joined the REEM@IRI team to do my master thesis in robotics. REEM@IRI is a collaboration between PAL Robotics , IRI and [...]

PAL Robotics founding member of euRobotics!

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PAL Robotics was subscribed as Founding Member of euRobotics aisbl (Association internationale Sans But Lucratif) that is the private partner of PPP. The European Robotics Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the teaming up of the robotics industry, research, academia and the European Commission to launch a joint research, development and innovation program in order to [...]

Seminar at La Sapienza Università Di Roma by Luca Marchionni

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Last Thursday 26th of July Francesco Ferro, CEO of PAL Robotics, and Luca Marchionni, Robotics Engineer from PAL Robotics, visited the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering “Antonio Ruperti” at Sapienza University of Rome. Luca Marchionni, who got his Master’s Degree in Control Engineering and Robotics at Sapienza University in 2007, gave a talk [...]

Graduation of Enrico Mingo

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Our employee, Enrico Mingo, who started his career at PAL Robotics as an intern, has recently graduaded from the Sapienza University in Rome. Hereby his findings: Hello! My name is Enrico Mingo, a student of the Master of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, from Sapienza University of Rome. I spent six months doing my thesis at [...]

Oriol Torres reports from the La Salle Engineering School in Barcelona

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Last Thursday July 19th 2012, Oriol Torres, the Business Strategy Manager from PAL Robotics in Barcelona, gave a talk to the students of the Postgraduate Course in Robotics from La Salle Engineering School . This course brings up knowledge and tools to design and manage projects of industrial, social and educational robotics. The course topics are [...]