Insights on research in HRI and robotics for healthcare by Sara Cooper

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PAL Robotics’ software engineer, Sara Cooper, recently won the best paper award at Heriot-Watt University with her master thesis, “An EEG investigation on planning human-robot handover tasks". We spoke with Sara to learn more about  the research in HRI that went into her  paper, as well as her special interests in prosthetics and rehabilitation robotics, [...]

TIAGo helps the IFE in Norway explore HRI and human perceptions of robots

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One of our TIAGo robots was recently welcomed as a new addition to the team at CASRR (Center for Advanced Sensor and Robotics Research) which forms part of the IFE (Institute for Energy Technology) in Norway.  TIAGo was immediately put to use at CASRR in the Interactive Robots project, exploring the collaboration between robots and [...]

Developing composable models and software for robotics systems with project RobMoSys

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PAL Robotics has been one of the consortium partners since project RobMoSys started in early 2017, alongside the Eclipse Foundation, Comau, Siemens, TUM (Technical University of Munich), KU Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit), THU (Ulm University of Applied Sciences) and the CEA (The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).   RobMoSys aims to coordinate the whole community’s [...]

ARI’s wiki ROS tutorials on SLAM

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For humans, finding the way around a new place may involve a map, or GPS - and in the world or robotics, the technology used for robots to navigate is known as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). SLAM started in the 1980’s and similarly to a person trying to navigate in a place they don’t [...]

TIAGo Delivery makes an impact in hospitals tackling COVID-19 thanks to DIH-HERO

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Hospitals have successfully tested PAL Robotics’ TIAGo Delivery and TIAGo Conveyor robots as part of efforts to tackle COVID-19, through our project with Accerion and DIH-HERO. We have been able to adapt our robots, working with project partners Accerion, to automate deliveries in two Barcelona hospitals. This is in order to help staff be able [...]

RO-MAN 2020 virtual event: workshops on socially assistive robotics, HRI, manipulation and more

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This year’s RO-MAN event (the 29th RO-MAN!) was as diverse and interactive as ever, despite taking place virtually, with presentations, workshops, Q&A sessions, live demos and more. The PAL Robotics team were delighted to participate once again, and joined workshops on themes including socially assistive robotics, HRI, interaction and learning, and robot manipulation to give [...]

TALOS joins the robotics family at the University of Edinburgh

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TALOS, our biped humanoid research robot, has been introduced into the team at the Statistical Learning and Motor Control Group (SLMC) as part of the University of Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, and will take part in research on all aspects of robot motion synthesis.  The Statistical Learning and Motor Control Group was set up in [...]

ARI wiki ROS simulator: how to get started

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Did you know that it's possible to practice programming with wiki ROS without having your own robot? PAL Robotics’ latest addition, ARI, has its own free wiki ROS (Robot Operating System) simulator that you can install and get started using anytime and anywhere. In 2019, PAL Robotics introduced a new humanoid social robot - ARI. [...]

Using ARI: Unboxing and getting started

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ARI, the social robot, arrives carefully packed up with everything you need to get started, including a Quick Start Guide, manual charger, and optional docking station. ARI has a number of out-of-the-box functionalities some of which are ready to go almost straight away and ARI’s behavior can be easily customized using the provided web interface. [...]